Friday, 11 October 2013

I'm Back

I can't believe that it has been so long since I have written on my blog but as John Lennon said
               "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans".
 If you read my last post I was just preparing myself to get up every morning at 5 am for a new job I was starting. This was a huge change for me from night owl to early morning devotee - but guess what it happened. I now have no trouble getting up at the amazing time of 5 but the only problem is I cringe when it is time to go to bed. I haven't mastered the art of fitting much into the day when you have to go to bed early. And so that precious part of my life, the creative part has had to take a back seat. I have almost been scared to pick up a brush because the problem is that once you start painting again, it is what consumes you and you want to stay painting late into the night.You suddenly get into that zone where time just passes at twice the speed and the part that suffers is your body. It doesn't seem to function on less than 5 hours sleep. 
So to start getting back to painting I began with a different kind of painting- furniture painting. I have these 4 chairs that I have always called "Happy Chairs" because they have always been painted bright colours. I inherited them from a very precious great Aunt who also had a painting habit. When I tried to strip them back to the bare wood I found about 7-8 different colours on them and then started to worry whether some of it might be lead paint. I therefore decide painting over them was the best course of action, Each chair is a different colour and I am going to give them a shabby chic finish. I have to share them with you.
         Don't they just make you happy to see? They do me. And then I remembered some old stools that I had under the house and they will become some plant stands for the entrance or in the yard. Now I have had a paintbrush back in my hand I am starting back into my art. But haven't you got some piece of furniture that is old and tired and you could revamp with a lick of paint. Some little coffee table that might look lovely painted red or orange as a eye catcher and talking point. When we are surrounded by colour it lifts our spirit. And to do something yourself brings the love into it. 

Speaking of love my dog just loves to be around when painting is going on and I think she thinks she is a paintbrush (or perhaps a canvas) because she just has to help. She looks good in blue and purple.

 Now to get back into my blog and art I am going to set myself a challenge. To write on my blog every day for a week. I will really have to start working hard so I have something new to show for each day but we will see how it goes. So stay tuned.