Sunday, 27 October 2013

From Mistake to Magic

Today I came into work at my usual time to start and found out that my roster had been changed and I wasn't due in for another 3 hrs.  What would I do?  Too far to be bothered going back home but I was in the city and not keen on sitting in amongst the concrete.

I decided I would head over to Southbank (Brisbane) to have a look around the parkland and pool.What a great decision.If you have never visited our fair city. You might not have seen the beautiful sculptural walkway covered in bougainvillea . It is magical. I think it is a little bit of heaven on earth. It is almost as good as walking under the Jacaranda trees when they are in bloom. Or standing on the carpet they create as the jacaranda flowers fall. That is a special memory from childhood.

Also I sat and listened to the crows and the other sounds of the city awakening.
The joggers on the pavement and the sprinklers starting, because we have had one of the driest Octobers for years.

Then to fill in a little more time I went and sat in a small café and ordered breakfast. Something I rarely do unless on holidays and as I sat writing my little blog I thought of JK Rowling all those years ago sitting in a little coffee shop writing those magical stories and dreaming of big things in her life.  I also dream big .  I dream of a time when people will see my artwork and understand the positive messages I want to share with them.  To put my art on their walls and to believe in themselves and this miraculous world we live in. A world where going to work at the wrong time can make a really great start to the day.

Hope you have a wonderful day too!!!