Monday, 20 May 2013

"You is Kind"

I recently re-watched the movie "The Help" and the words that Aibileen,who is an African-American maid, tries to teach  to Mae Mobley, the little girl who is entrusted to her care, really made an impression on me. They are simple words but I began to use them as affirmations for myself every day. 
You is kind
You is smart
You is important
I have found that the simplicity of these words have touched my heart. We all try to improve ourselves during our lives but these words make it easy for me to remember and repeat to myself. 
 "Am I kind"? I think that I am. I was brought up to think of others and to put others before myself sometimes to my own detriment. But it lets me sleep at night and feel  good when I can help others. 
"Am I smart" well I get by and especially if I don't get in my own way. 
But the one I slip up on is the "Am I important".  I think that this is a tricky one for a lot of us, we were brought up to look out for others which sometimes put us back down the list. So this is what I will definitely be working on. I am important because life is like a big jigsaw puzzle and we must all be here to make up that puzzle.  Why would my puzzle piece be less important than yours or the piece of somebody else.
So after doing this for awhile I have added  another line to my daily affirmations.  
You is worthy
and aren't we all.
(Thanks to Gayle from for the above picture which reminded me of the importance of these words)