Sunday, 13 January 2013

Well the New Year has started and for me it has many new beginnings. The first and very exciting thing for me, was to join a group of artists to work on a year long project where we get to see what 22 other artists are doing and to learn about their art and practices. It is called "Life Book 2013" and is run by a wonderful Lady who is as generous and caring as you could ever find. Her name is Tam Laporte and you can see her great website at . I was counting down the days till the 1st of January and I was not disappointed.

Also I have joined a group who are working their way through the book "The Artist's Way " by Julie Cameron. It is a lovely book for anyone who wants to open up there life and get more out of it. You don't have to be an artist - maybe you are a writer or maybe you want to be. Maybe this would unlock what you really want to do, who knows but how exciting would that be to find what you have always been looking for. One of the first Tools you learn is to write 3 pages every morning to get your day started in the right frame of mind and although work makes it hard to always fit it in each  morning I have tried to do it every day. It clears out those cobwebs and is something I think I will always try to do.

All these things have got me going on creating new art and looking at where I will be going this year. I also will be trying to be putting more into my Blog. If only there were more hours in a day. Anyway here is a painting I have been working on and should be soon a print in my Etsy shop.