Thursday, 8 August 2013

A New Day

I am starting a new job on Monday and it starts at 7am which is an early start for me as I am a confirmed night owl. So in preparation for my early start I have been practising getting up at 5am to get my body clock ready for my new lifestyle. 

 I decided I might as well get a new view of the day at that time. I live near the water and have spent much time there in my life, because I feel it clears my mind and lifts my heart. But in all those years I have never headed to the water very early in the morning. Morning sleep has always been my most treasured sleep. 

This week however my heart has been opened in a new way by what I have seen. What a glorious beginning to the day seeing the light  change and the sun's journey over the water. Sometimes I get stuck in life and am not sure which way my life is going. But maybe I don't have to make big changes in life to become unstuck, perhaps I need to just look at my day and my life at a different time and see what is amazing. Mornings at the water or maybe sitting in the sun at lunch to re-energise myself. I should just sit in the garden I have created instead of working in it. It isn't just a place to plant and maintain but to soak in the beauty that is already there. 

We are always looking at the "Big Picture" of life and planning the future but how many sunrises and sunsets have we missed not revelling in their  beauty. My mother passed away a few years ago and she suffered from Macular Degeneration for those last few years of her life and could not see much. But I would see her in the mornings sit on the side of her bed looking out through the window and I remember asking what she was doing and she would say "I am listening to all the birds in the morning and how beautiful they are". Even though she was nearly blind and dying of cancer she still saw the wonder in life. 

So don't miss the amazing world we live in or maybe just start looking
at it from another view or time and let the wonder seep in. It might just get you unstuck. I hope it does.