Sunday, 28 July 2013

Is your house a Quirky House?

I don't know if you have been caught up in all the house improvement shows lately like "The Block" and "House Rules". I have been watching and drooling over all the beautiful furniture and finishes that they manage on these shows. 
You start to think about how it would be to have a perfect house but then I think, I wouldn't fit in a perfect house. I would have to be perfect to live in a perfect house. I would have to be neat and tidy and have everything in it's place. 
That is why I like to live in a Quirky House like the ones I have painted in this print. We aren't all the same and it is time to let it all out  and be our quirky selves. So dare to be different. Perfect is fine for some people but personality is great for all of us. 

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Art show

Well it has been a big weekend with me putting some paintings in an Art Show. It is good to stretch yourself and I wanted to have a bit of fun putting in some different styles. Over the years I have done all sort of art including landscapes, portraits, buildings, motivational pieces, sculpture and animals. Each is enjoyable and fun to do but you never know what people are looking for on any particular day.

The ones I put in were an interesting mix. 

 I was so excited to do this painting with the recipe for Lemonade scones and I made it like a very old textures crackly board. I thought someone would love it in there kitchen. Just like grandma's old recipe. 

This is a painting of an old pair of boots and I love painting anything old. Showing the age and texture is wonderful.

This is one of my newer paintings with a great message and lots of colour and textures. It is done in acrylics and inks. 
So a great weekend and a bit more experience. Now here is a bit of a squiz at some of my work over the years. Hope you like it.