Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Day 5

Well today is Day 5 and I must admit I have loved getting back to my blog and getting all those creative thoughts going. I have had such a wonderful 12 months getting started and the only thing missing is finding the perfect audience and the way to share my work with people.  

I have been an artist for a long time but have never been able to focus time on what I want to do with my art.  Life is hard in that you still have to earn money to live and not just throw everything away and become a mad painter. But I have so many thoughts inside that I think can help people be strong in their life. Just reminding people how truly wonderful they are and can be.  I know that people need to be positive in life and I also know how words and thoughts have helped me during hard times in life.

 I  want to share  the beauty of life with positive words. My prints would be a great present for young people to believe in themselves. Or for a person of any age, just to remind you to keep believing in yourself and your friends and life. So if you have someone special in your life that maybe needs a pick me up, come over to my etsy shop and see if my words can make their lives just a little bit better.