Tuesday, 15 October 2013

A special moment

Day 4 

I wanted to share a picture I painted that means hope for me. It  captured a moment of pure trust where such a small and fragile butterfly would trust a human many times it's size. This actually happened to me one day years ago and was a truly an amazing moment.

I was hanging the washing on the line and a butterfly began flying all around me, I decided to stop still and put out my hand. Within a few seconds the butterfly landed gently on my hand. It felt like a miracle. Then it slowly flew away and  it came back again . It landed three times on my hand and it was a feeling I cannot explain. Don't you love those moments that are so unexpected. 

It is like when you go whale watching and these huge animals come so close to you to let you see them and interact with them. I was on a boat at Hervey Bay whale watching when a whale came under the boat a couple of times and then it popped up right next to me so close I could smell it's breathe. I could look it right in the eye.  We have so many beautiful things in life to experience but most of the time we are just caught up in our daily life and sometimes just stuck in our heads.

I am planning on having more of these special moments and less of that stuck in my head stuff.

If you were reading my blog yesterday you might remember when I asked you all to have a go at something my birdie might have been saying.
I have had one taker Suzi Poland who said "Here's looking at you!"
Thanks Suzi