Thursday, 14 March 2013

Say No to Bullying Day

Tomorrow is "Say No to Bullying" Day and we have all been encouraged to wear Orange to show our support and to say NO. I wonder if there is anyone who has never been a victim of Bullying somewhere in their lives. I myself have a few battles with bullies and funnily enough it was never in my childhood. I think it was because I had a good basis in life from my childhood that it didn't affect me then but as I began taking the reins of my own life I let people have too much control over how I felt about myself.

Sometimes you listen to those you work with who have there own agenda. It starts slowly with off handed comments and criticisms that you try not to get upset about but then they see that you react and they know what works against you. Slowly and surely they take away your confidence and eventually you no longer know what is your truth and their truth.

Don't let them do it. Tell someone and either stand up to them or get away because otherwise it sneaks into all areas of your life. I have heard so many stories of this and with my own experiences I know the toll it takes. So tomorrow I will be wearing Orange and I will be thinking of others and my most recent bully and I will show them that they are not in control.

You know the best revenge is to live a "Great Life". Because that is what the bully  is trying to take away from you. This is why I like to make art with positive messages. I want to encourage others on their journeys as I muddle my way through my journey.So tomorrow when you get up and look in your cupboard for something to wear - grab something Orange and show everyone that it is not ok to Bully.