Sunday, 24 February 2013

Well a lovely lady by the name of Melanie has done up a button for me that is my word for the year and that is Happiness. I have never been one for New Years resolutions but I liked the idea  when it was suggested that you  pick a word for the year and try to focus on it throughout that year. Many words went through my mind like kindness or belief but I thought if I concentrate on Happiness and looking for it in every situation it will bring only the positive things into my life.( If you would like to see Melanie's website follow the link ) Maybe you might want to choose one word for your year - it is never to late.

So whenever you do set your self a task like Happiness you know it will be tested. And so I have found that I have had to try and keep happy even though I had to leave my job. I started a new job in September but it was not meant for me. It was something that made me unhappy and uneasy. Somehow you have a feeling when you know something is not the right fit for you but you persist for many reasons until you find the toll is too great. The only way to true happiness is to trust your inner voice. So I am now looking for something new and while I am looking I will continue to paint and learn. Here is what has been keeping me busy this last week.