Wednesday, 21 November 2012

An amazing sight

Anyone who knows me, knows my association with Butterflies. Since Mum passed away a couple of years ago I have watched  for butterflies as it was like a sign from her to let me  know   she was still around me. The number I have seen has increased especially when I missed her or needed her the most. But yesterday I was overwhelmed. As I drove home I could not believe my eyes - there were hundreds of them all along the way. They flew in groups or pairs all flying in the same direction, around me and across my path. How could it be that hundreds of butterflies were surrounding me. 

So I looked into how this could happen and I found that some butterflies including the Macleays  Grass Yellow Butterfly (the ones I saw) become dormant when hard times come and then all come awake again together. What an amazing experience. Sometimes life feels like it is dormant but then it comes alive again. I hope I get to witness this again it was magnificent.