Sunday, 17 August 2014

1 Year Anniversary

Flowers from Work

This week was an anniversary of sorts for me. I have been in my new job for 12 months. 1 year of my life and it has been a happy year. I remember that first day and my nervousness. I was to begin in a job that I knew nothing about and was concerned about remembering all this new information. 

When you are twenty or so and you start a new job you are so sure of yourself because at that stage of your life you are bulletproof. Your confidence will see you through. But as you get older sometimes the bruises and battles you may have had to endure in workplaces make you unsure or nervous about your self. I had been through such an experience in my previous job. I worked for an angry man that impacted my life. Work doesn't just stay with you in those work hours it comes home and becomes part of you. 

What a great pleasure to now work with people who are kind and generous with their knowledge and experience. Every day I am happy to go to work. Each day I have different things happening and although it is a administrative position - no two days are the same.

You know we all have a choice in life and some people choose to make others lives unhappy and every day a battle but yet others take the road of support and encouragement. Which person are you or do you want to be - it is a choice?

The truth is you don't know what effect you might have on someone's life. Look at our beloved actor Robin Williams - on that particular day he left us, life was too much for him but the next day or the day after he may have felt safe and happy again . I don't think he realised what influence he had on others, because there has been such a big out pouring of love for him. He gave us all so much happiness and so many lesson on life. He taught us 

 "Carpe Diem. Seize the day, boys ! Make your lives extraordinary"

"All you have to do is think one happy thought and you'll fly like me"

"To live would be an awfully big adventure"

We never know what a kind word to a stranger or the people you work with may change the whole outlook for the day.So give and receive kindness at work, at home or  on the street.You can make a difference and share someone's load - it happened to me and I always try to pass it on to others.