Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Handmade by Susie and Wendy

Well it has been a few days since my sister Susie and I started our new Etsy shop with our handmade and original cards. It has been a rush loading the photos. We had been going to do this for such a long time because when you do things that you love you get that wonderful feeling inside and you go to that happy place. You want to share what you have created with others. But then you need to find an outlet.

We use our cards to give to those we love but we have gone way beyond that amount.We have also put them in different shops but sometimes you just don't get to display them where or how you would like.So Etsy has become our new shop front and we are loving it. And guess what we have our first sale. And our card is on it's way to California. Wow.So our card is travelling half way around the world. What a buzz to think of that. Let it be the first of many. And with each one we send love in the envelope. We hope it shows. Here is our little traveller.
And here are some of our favourites that we would like to share with you and we hope that they all end up travelling across the world to find new homes.